My Story, Your Impact


    Thank you for taking the time to read my story. This is brief, but it will give you an idea on the size of wave your small ripple will become. You see when you make a purchase from us, unbeknownst to you, will help change the lives of so many others around the globe.


    My husband is a Marine who served his country protecting our freedoms. As time goes by, his health continues to decline. We have four wonderful and supportive children who have gone through so much over the years due to tragic events. We were homeless and sleeping on the floor while my husband worked and went to school to support our family. He never stops working and does everything he can to ensure we have everything we need.


    I made a decision to do more and assist my husband and help support our family financially. It’s very difficult to support my children while working a full or part time job, so my only choice was to be a work-at-home mother. I wanted to earn money for my family, but also provide value to customers, and earn their trust in my products. When I had no money, it was hard to find affordable/quality products followed by good customer service. So this inspired my business model, but I also wanted to do more. I have seen too many people, mainly children, end their lives because they did not feel loved, nor accepted. I made a decision to donate 10% of my income on saving lives by giving people hope, and a reason to live.


    So the proceeds of your purchase will go to someone in need. That’s right! 10% of the revenue of your purchase will go towards saving a person’s life. You are simply giving back to the community, and helping my business grow at the same time. 


    It doesn’t have to stop here. You can do even more without spending a dime, only your time. Smith’s Food & Drug will donate 5% of what you spend in their stores to the Grief Relief, Inc Youth Suicide Prevention. Just visit their Inspire program and the organization number is YT351. And just like that…. every time you make a purchase at Smith’s, your 5 minutes of time will help save children’s lives by lowering Youth Suicide rates. YOU’RE AWESOME! Thank you!


      Every Child Gets a Gift this Season! Not only is it organized by my husband’s military branch, The Marines, but Toys for Tots has helped our own kids have Christmas, when we couldn’t afford to give them one. They have brought smiles and hope to unfortunate children’s faces around the globe. We donate toys every year, but I wanted to incorporate that into my business model.


   We know our customer’s voice is powerful, and sharing their experiences about our products will help build trust with new and existing customers. This in turn, grows my small family business. So, I have committed to donate a toy to the Toys for Tots every time a customer gives a “Shout Out” about my products. This is such an easy way to help us grow our business’s trust which will result in more sales, which will result in more donations. “This is how your ripple will continue to grow to a wave beyond measure.” 


From the bottom of my heart, Thank You for Trusting me enough to buy my products and caring enough to read my story.



Warm Regards,


Kaori Shimada